Surveillance ROBOTS

Robotics have become essential tools for the military operations, to help provide early surveillance information commanders plan strategies. It is also a key part of autonomous weapons systems and other tools used to assist in battlefield tactics.

We design and build custom robots to meet your specific needs. Ours developing robots that mainly reach their operative peaks in the sectors set just beyond the visual field, that is the one at the highest risk for the first-line troops, in order to guarantee, consequently, the safeness of the soldiers. These robot kits include everything you need for a robot including the controls, robot, and charger. Robots provided are of custom engineering and fabrication for Defense, Law Enforcement, security, and surveillance applications. Our expertise and experience includes but is not limited to the areas of:   

  • Remote robots with camera surveillance and audio grid locator.
  • Mine sweep EOD Robots (Detects ordnance, with camera surveillance).
  • Tactical, Tunnel robots, Police Robots, Security and Inspection robots.
  • Robots for monitoring radiation and/or toxic airborne gasses.
  • Unmanned Autonomous Video and Audio Surveillance.
  • Night Vision Surveillance.
  • Waterproof robots (submersible) and multi-channel security cameras.
  • Advanced camera surveillance options 360 degrees pan and tilt systems, etc.


SUVTEC - All-weather, all-terrain tracked electric vehicle.

The SUVTEC is a platform that delivers uncompromising performance that rivals that of gas-powered units. Smooth and brisk acceleration gives way to silent speed. Besides its electric power plant, it has a host of modern features that set it apart from the competition including LED lights, independent suspension, regenerative braking and an on-board battery charger.


surveillance Robot to move through wire rope

Robot Lug to move through wire rope


This robot is ideal for video surveillance in real time in airports, train stations, business centers, museums and big retail stores. The instantaneous pan, tilt and zoom and moving on the cable up to 100 meters from the server with the automatic control mode charging. Robot shows the user the whole picture with the possibility of pan, tilt and zoom changes for a more detailed analysis of image more» 


Underwater Robot

Underwater Robot Anemon.


A powerful device with video real time viewing this is an automatic controlled underwater vehicle that can record live video and capture photos in HD through the water viewing the live video feed as if you were under the water yourself. You can watch the HD video to perform inspections or explorations.  

Key applications for the robot are the assessment of marine habitats at greater depths before several kilometers.

The robot also equipped devices, electronic components and other software for the surveillance, reconnaissance operation…read more»


Magnetic Surveillance Robot

Magnetic Surveillance Robot Magma


Designed with performance and reliability in mind, a robot can operate in the toughest of environments.  This is loyal assistant if you are working on a nuclear reactor, or searching for survivors after a natural disaster. A robot surveillance unit which is able to climb to gain an elevated view has great potential for both military and civilian applications…read more»



Micro spy a robot surveillance

Micro spy a robot Dor.


Surveillance, Espionage or spying involves an individual obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information. Spying after the area of enemy stay may be established prior to taking any action.  A robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial agent. In practice, it is usually an electro mechanical system which, by its appearance or movements, conveys a sense that it has intent or agency of its own. Surveillance spy, a micro-robot Dor. The robot is designed for spying, scouting, and surveillance. Capturing and sustaining a real-time picture, the robot uses continuous streaming to provide a live video-audio signal. The best part is that it's super rugged and can survive 5 meters drops onto concrete and is waterproofread more» 


Radio-operated surveillance robot

Radio-operated surveillance robot Stayer wireless audio and video communication system, accelerates momentum till 50 km/h. Is the first mobile security robot in the World aimed at outdoor an independent surveillance and works independently, without control by the operator. Deployed in large outdoor areas, protects people, goods and facilities around the clock, regardless of weather conditions. It can have applications at Airports, Government Buildings, Defense Establishments, Industrial Plants and Utilities. It can also serve as a platform for carrying a wide range of sensors for detecting heat, gases, smoke, radiation levels, biological agents etcread more»


surveillance robots

Universal all-terrain surveillance robot Mirage, the small remotely operated vehicle, are ideal for many types of surveillance. The robot is a micro sized, light weight, man-portable, and throw-able. Designed to provide Military and Law Enforcement or Emergency Services personnel monitoring hidden over the territory of observation. The ability to deliver load, a remotely controlled, mobile, optional setting electro optic and audio sensor capability for extended search and surveillance.  This can help security forces get a perspective of the danger without unnecessarily risking the life of a soldier or commandoread more» 


Tiny Military Surveillance Robot

Tiny Military Surveillance Robot Boomerang

Two-wheeled surveillance mini robot Boomerang with wireless audio and video communication system, radio-operated. It can be used for throwing into the closed spaces and moving on smooth surface. You can send it into buildings where hostages are being held, then move it from room to room as it transmits video via its camera. Sleek and unobtrusive, can slip under furniture and roll downstairsread more» 


Four-wheeled surveillance mini robot

Four-wheeled surveillance mini robot Equilibrist with two cameras night vision has wireless audio and video communication system, radio-operated. It can be used for throwing into the closed spaces and moving on any surface.

Surveillance robot Equilibrist provides high-end security through a combination of various technologies and image processing. The surveillance robot allows for unprecedented target recognition at all hours. This innovative technology consists of multiple integrated systems to make security more affordable than everread more» 


Four-wheeled ultra-small robot


Four-wheeled ultra-small robot Track for tunnels surveillance with wireless audio-video communication system and withal radio-operated.

Robot is a fully fledged surveillance with  the ability to move through mud, sand, snow, or even float under water if the need arisesread more»




Mini-robot  for tunnels

Mini-robot  Eye-Mole  for tunnels. 

Four-wheeled mini-robot with panoramic video-imaging capabilities, which observe the mysteries of the underworld. Like the true god of the underworld opens up us its secrets. This mobile robot surveillance is the free open source used for inspecting the tunnels in the dangerous environment. Usually, the tunnel is full of poisonous gases that it is dangerous to humans. The mobile robot is able to tell us whether the tunnel environment is safe or not. Agents can get the robot about 1500 meters into a tunnel to start to figure out if it's safe to send an agent in and what gear the agent is going to need. His characteristics distinguish the robot from others like compact structure, small size, little weight and easily being carriedread more» 

Tunnel Kit

Tunnel Kit designed for wireless

Tunnel Kit designed for wireless and video signals transmission in difficult holes, mine tunnels or concrete and metallic pipes.

To transmit the  wireless and video signals between the operator and the robots requires some equipment to be used. All that is required is a Tunnel Kit one inexpensive set, this will handle all of the two-way radio and wireless video signals…read more»


ultra-small visual sensors
Dog’s reconnaissance.


Four ultra-small visual sensors set Quattro with backlight for night surveillance. Designed for installed in any possible place, or throwing into the heavy-going places. Developed the small sensors in compound that comprises micro-optical, micro-mechanical components and additional electronic of devices for visual processing. The hybrid integration of this “mini-sensor” addresses important issues for night surveillance. The sensors, equipped with analogue motion detecting circuits, tracking and pursuit of visual targetread more» 


Remote Control

Remote Control Guide is designed to manage all types of robots.


This is an excellent tool for managing remote connections of all types. It is compatible with a wide variety of standard remote connection protocols, standards and applications, as well as store all the required information for future use. There is no longer any need to rely on a bevy of solutions, instead just rely on Remote Control Manager and it will take care of the appropriate underlying technology. Plus, it has a nice logical and attractive interfaceread more»