Tunnel Kit

robot for tunnels

To transmit the radio and video wireless signals between the operator and the robots requires some equipment to be used in the mine tunnels and in difficult holes - this Tunnel Kit.

Tunnel Kit designed for radio and video signals transmission in difficult holes passage:   metal, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and stone tunnels or concrete and metallic pipes. The maximum length of the possible passage of up to 40 m (depends on the module RF established to the robots). Tunnel Kit suitable for radio control all types of the robots (characterization of the transmitting frequency negotiated).  For each robot has its own type of connection (stipulated in addition). It works without any additional power supply and without any changes to the robots. By increasing the length of the passage is special booster is used. This booster can increase working length till 100 m. Playtime on internal power supply, up to 5-6 hours.

All that is required is a Tunnel Kit one inexpensive set. This will handle all of the two-way radio and wireless video signals.