Modern homes can be much more than a place to live. With our technology an ordinary house can “come to life” and serve the family members in a complete new way. Home appliances can be “smart” and starting from saving power up to preventing accidents with kids.

House security will be dramatically increased as the “house” itself can alert you anywhere in the world though smartphone applications about the status of the home. It could even take default actions in case of no response to alerts (i.e. cut the water supply if there is water flow without anyone at home). Energy efficiency can be improved as each device will be monitored and its power consumption profile will be created. This way the owners will be aware of the energy hungry devices and adjust the utilization of them to save energy.


Smart home technology

Using Smart Home technology.


Smart home technology with sophisticated control systems can add to the quality of your home life. Plain and simple. There's a myriad of ways to program the operation of your home theater, lighting, security and climate. Many ways that simply make it fun for its own sake.

We are using ultra small sensors for transmitting information is a family of ultra-low power application ready versatile modules, which can fit into any existing or new electronic device to add Wi-Fi functionality.

For device configuration, exists a proprietary configuration method which enables any Wi-Fi device to configure the module without the need of any application. It is also possible to configure multiple devices at once. Plenty of flash memory is left free for any third party application that can make greater opportunities for use of the module. It allows programmers with fundamental or no previous knowledge of WLAN programming to rapidly develop applications using the comprehensive library eliminating practically the development up-time for Wi-Fi embedding in any existing or to develop their own application.


Smart home technology

Medical control for the elderly.


Modern medical applications and devices based on the platform same sensors can offer for pensioner’s high quality of life while they are recovering and advanced tools to medical personnel for continuous patient monitoring while using the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Combining to that the service support capabilities of brings healthcare to a whole new level. The support of WPA makes easier the deployment of medical devices in inside home and enables them to be integrated to central security schemes for device control.


Smart home technology

Wi-Fi Audio Applications.


Enjoy the highest quality of Wi-Fi audio in your home or listen to your favorite songs from your Smartphone at your Wi-Fi headset anywhere. Based on the robust platform ultra-small sensors, extends the music listening capabilities of modern devices beyond imagination.

Creating smart speakers, headphones or headsets with Wi-Fi technology is easier than ever. On the fly decoding of MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, FLAC and MIDI streams ensures the highest audio quality with the lowest possible power consumption. The compact design makes it ideal for integrating into headphones, headsets and speakers. That enables any modern PC to use home stereo audio system as its high end speakers without using any cables.


Smart home technology

Web-based smart home control.


How smart home technology is becoming more and more affordable through web-based systems that allow you to control different parts of your home via apps. They include your home theater, security, climate, etc. Smart home technology becomes more affordable while offering more options, due to Wi-Fi solutions tech and innovation offer even more cool things to automate and control. Simple control of systems ranging from audio and home theater to climate, lighting and security, all these new gadgets are working together to create a simplicity of use.

For example: Take this smart home which has whole house lighting control. The house comes to life, by setting up a creepy heavy breathing sound on their distributed audio system and then syncing it up to the dimming and brightening of every light in the residence, the home appears to be alive. Now that's a way to scare the neighborhood trick or thieves.


Smart home technology

Robot for monitoring of apartments.


The mobile robot for monitoring of Smart Home, with a constant audio/video recording. This security robot can offer you the freedom to get your home or business surveillance via network anytime and anywhere, on the iPhone or other cell phone with Android system.

This mobile robot solves the problem of error control systems security and bulky stationary systems security. In addition to the camera, microphone and speaker robot is outfitted with sensors for temperature, smoke and motion and alarm function. When somebody appears on the camera under alarm function, it will bring a picture or sound the alarm and email the pictures to you straightaway.