Military transportation robot

Track barrow

Track barrow are the quick and easy way to transfer equipment or heavy material across difficult terrain. 


Highly competent at ascending steep slopes, even when fully loaded.  The track barrow can assist the operator to climb when walking behind the load. The safe climbing technique avoids a run-up approach which might have to be the way forward predictable and safely controlled movement. 



The light weight multi-role robotic platform, designed for rapid deployment at the field and can be folded or can be easily stowed on vehicles for rapid transportation. The robot mission support system, is an autonomous unmanned ground vehicle, for the armed forces. It is the autonomous robot and the unmanned vehicle is primarily designed to provide logistics support for light and early-entry forces. Development the robot of the mission support system was developed as an independent research  to work in close proximity around soldiers. 


Military transportation a robot can be used during the performing a wide range of activities, from surveillance to monitoring of environments or security. Easy to use and install, thanks to the latest technological developments capable of running defined paths autonomously or to be controlled by a remote operator through the navigation system.


The robots can move independently following a predetermined path using an environment map. Using laser scanner, in case of unexpected obstacles is observed  able avoiding the obstacles, corridors or walls, simplify the entrance through the gates.

Using remote manual control - through the web interface of robot the remote operator has full control over the movements of the robot; assisted navigation system is disabled. This control mode is useful for control in small spaces or where there is the presence of many obstacles.



  • Route opening, IED detection and clearing
  • Payload carrier - from supplies to EW equipment
  • Provocation and deception
  • Surveillance & reconnaissance 
  • Sensors and charges distribution
  • Remote inspection
  • Rescue



  • Light weight and collapsible – 23 kg
  • Can carry payloads up to  150 kg
  • Rapid deployment – less than 10 seconds 
  • Camera rise up to 5 m
  • Discrete – innovative electric driving mechanism embedded in every wheel
  • maneuverability
  • 28 degrees slop climbing
  • Max speed – up to 20 km/h 
  • Travel distance – up to 1- 4 km