Company Profile

ALYaR robotic Ltd develops and manufactures innovative optical intelligence-gathering systems that serve and protect military, law enforcement and security professionals engaged in Low Intensity Conflict and anti-terrorism activities in urban environments.

ALYaR robotic solutions save lives and support decision-making in the complex life-threatening scenarios that characterize Low-Intensity Conflict and urban anti-terrorism. At the same time, the Company’s products are designed to be both reliable and affordable.

Products ALYaR robotic for are in use by military, police and government agencies in the US, Europe, South East Asia and Israel. The Company is also active in developing and producing customized special-order products for Special Forces and the National Economy.


Intellectual Property
Company ALYaR robotic Ltd maintains its competitive edge by continuously expanding and protecting its Intellectual Property.
Since its establishment, the company has applied multiple patents, which protect its technology, its applications and operational systems. The company's world-wide patents and patent applications protect almost every aspect of the company's operation, together with a large number of trade secrets.
The company's Intellectual Property includes:
Electro-Optic Systems for observation, reconnaissance and information gathering.

Omni-Directional Imaging
One of the most significant technological breakthroughs achieved by the company is its omni-directional imaging technology that enables capturing and viewing of an entire omni-directional field of view simultaneously in real time as well as offline.
The technology has been applied in several of the company's products and enables real time observation of omni-directional scenes in both day light as well as complete darkness.

Video Motion Detection
ALYaR robotics has developed advanced and unique Video Motion Detection which provides a significant improvement and higher reliability to every security system.
The system may alert the user in various ways and at different levels of urgency, according to the severity of the threat or the level of interest assigned to each event
With the enhanced image understanding capabilities, the company's reconnaissance and security systems reaches new levels of performance and reliability, and additional custom-made systems can be developed to meet the unique needs of defense forces, law enforcement agencies and security consumers from around the world.

Future Combat Systems, as developed by Defense R&D establishments around the world, as well as future security systems will include unmanned platforms sent to perform a variety of tasks, either completely autonomously or remote-controlled by a human operator. The intent is to keep the most crucial and priceless factor, the human, away from risk of harm.
ALYaR robotics develops a wide variety of remote observation and navigation aids for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, such that will enable to become a part of the multi-billion dollar FCS industry.

Smart Interfaces
The unique capability to capture and present the omni-directional scene requires an effective tool to enable the viewer to fully grasp and correctly orientate in the image that he views. These needs become especially crucial when dealing with real time observation during combat or law enforcement situations.
Throughout the development of each system, the company focuses on human factor issues involved in each application and the special needs each application may require in respect to the interfaces between the user and the system. ALYaR robotics is putting to use the experience of is development teams and that of its special advisors and experts to provide advanced display and control interfaces that would enable the operators and viewers convenient and clear display and control.

Potential Applications
ALYaR robotics addresses mainly the defense, law enforcement, security and consumer electronics markets, offering advanced solutions to the following fields:
- Observation systems for manned and unmanned platforms, including: Armored Fighting Vehicles, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles etc.
- Reconnaissance systems for special military operations, including Counter Terrorism and Low Intensity Conflicts.
- Observation and reconnaissance aids for ground forces.
- Security and Surveillance systems, including automatic Video Motion Detection and Image Understanding capabilities.
- Training Monitoring systems for ground forces and tactical teams, including computer software for After Action Review.
- Custom made systems - including all phases of characterization, design, development, manufacture and implementation.
- Consumer electronics - mobile compact security systems and surveillance devices.