robot surveillance

Tiny robot surveillance, decision for Smart Home 


Equilibrist - is a mobile robot for monitoring of apartments, town houses, offices and storage space with a constant audio and video recording.

Robot Equilibrist with ease is moving up and down the stairs at home and in the event of a fall from a height recovers to continue their work. In addition to these necessary options, it also has an alarm system with automatic notification to your phone. This security robot can offer you the freedom to get your home or business surveillance via network anytime and anywhere, on the iPhone or other cell phone with Android system.

This mobile robot solves the problem of error control systems security and bulky stationary systems security. In addition to the camera, microphone and speaker robot is outfitted with sensors for temperature, smoke and motion and alarm function. When somebody appears on the camera under alarm function, it will bring a picture or sound the alarm and email the pictures to you straightaway.

The mobile robot is Equilibrist independently constitute of map premises, planning to path of movement, controls the battery charge, transmits audio and video information from the event and obediently executes commands over the Internet - these navigation and control systems, which is the foundation the robot and its intelligence. The antenna use 5-in-1 feature allows for a quick handling in places where other solutions fail to implement and eliminates the need for the extensive work involved. This avoiding drop, data transmission higher speed data, higher gain and does assure smooth performance. Also provided the integration with security systems and home automation systems, voice command and automatic night vision function.

Tiny Military Surveillance Robot

robot surveillance

Robotic system is the result of an iterative approach which closely combines operational tests and technical adjustments, perfectly meets operational expectations, while offering the best of mature technology at very low cost. The unmanned vehicle system is ideal for boarding actions and tactics, designed to capture to combat terrorism and smuggling, to conduct safety and other inspections for military and police forces. The robot is an ultra-light, small and stores in a standard backpack and weighs under 2.6 pounds and is 8.5 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Throw-able, can survive 30 ft. (10 m) an even more, drops onto concrete floor, rated be submerged. Operating efficiently in challenging conditions, the robot gets more than 8 hours of runtime on a typical mission and uses IR or Visible LED lights to enhance low light and no light situations. His can quickly be converted into a pole camera or tethered via the lifting eye for confined space operations when using Tunnel Kit.

Maneuverable in a variety of environments and has automatic video and control inversion when flipped over. Also, it has motion detection software allowing to be used as a sentry, explores an area of interest. Thus, it is proposed semi-autonomous capabilities to reduce operator’s workload, such as waypoint navigation or automatic back homing when the mission is completed. The Robot can be equipped with a large set of standard or dedicated payloads: For example, the reconnaissance version is proposed with thermal infrared camera, panoramic day/night vision and general interconnection block to equip the robotic platform with any equipment compliant with widely available standards.

Tunnel Kit

Features and advantages of the robot:

  • Speed to 15 km/hr
  • Open man-machine interface
  • The camera 90 degree, 360 degrees vision while rotating of the robot 
  • Night vision works automatically - IR or white LED lights
  • Transmission distances: LOS: to 500 meters and NLOS: to 150 meters
  • Four-wheeled in each wheel motor for improved mobility
  • Duration - 8 hours full operating condition
  • External payload capacity to 1500g
  • Extension Pole-mount when using Tunnel Kit
  • Built to withstand multiple drops onto concrete
  • Waterproof (IP67), Shock resistant and Dust proof
  • The antenna visual is hidden
  • System includes: chargers and case

Tiny policeman Surveillance Robot

Four-wheeled surveillance mini robot Equilibrist with two cameras night vision has wireless audio and video communication system, radio-operated. Ideally suited to defense intelligence building, public security investigation as well as non-destructive area controls for private companies. It can be used for throwing into the closed spaces and moving on any surface. Its durability enables it to be thrown into operation, over obstacles if necessary, and its reversible design means it will instantly function in any orientation it falls. Each wheel has its own engine, so robot can overcame 10-12 cm high obstacles and turn on 360 degrees. Cameras are switching on alternately depending on motion direction. The robust, affordable, simple and highly effective for providing visibility during investigation, control and intelligence operations.

  • Night vision works automatically.
  • 2.4 GHz video signal.
  • Working time 3 - 5 hours (depends on operation mode).
  • Robot reaches – 300 m on open surface, 100-150 m in closed space.
  • The aerials visual is hidden.

Its optimal size allows it to fit into and under tight spaces, from bright light to pitch black, it can be used under any lighting conditions allowing target visibility at any time. The robot is never lost as its inbuilt homing function allows it to return to its origin, even when taken out of signal range.