Robots in medicine

medicine robots

In modern medicine robots play an increasing role, which requires a new kind of training for the next generation of doctors. Usage of robots reduces hospital stays and improves patients’ prognosis and saves costs. Mechanical replacements for missing limbs and organs that can interact with the human organic system are a long-standing goal of the medical community. Research into replacement of hearts, limbs, eyes, ears and other organs offers hope for the development of effective implanted devices and replacement limbs that can function for long periods of time. Robotic devices can also provide assistance to people with severe restrictions on movement, in many cases allowing them at least some capability to move around or nearby their homes.



The UVC LED module use the UV-C VIOLET optics to offer professional users highly efficient solutions for disinfection and decontamination. The UV-C LEDs used, emit a wavelength of 275 nm enabling immediate sterilization and cleaning of air, liquids and surfaces ensuring bacteria, germs and viruses are reliably removed.

Robot NursyBoy

Robots in medicine

Robot NursyBoy - conducts comprehensive control over the patient within 24 hours and controlling the reception various types of pills in different times of the day.

Robot NursyBoy is necessary for all people who undergo medical treatment and who are under medical supervision, elderly people at home and in nursing homes, people with memory disorders, heart disease and diabetes. During treatment, many people need to take different medicines constantly. Is this related to any chronic disease or they just need to undergo treatment  reception of medicines, most importantly, that if a person must take medication, it is important not to forget to do it in time. Otherwise, everything treatment may be futile…read more»


Transformer tent

tent transformer

The tent transformer with six beds is designed for accommodating people as a quarantine station in conditions, emergencies or for field hospitals, placement of military and civilian personnel.


The tent serves for temporary placement and accommodation of staff in summer field conditions, but can be used also for winter conditions and other appointments. The feature is the use of the minimum size of the area for installation, with the maximum comfort of accommodation. Such tents the transformers, allowing deploying a sleeper in only a few seconds and possibilities of instant operationread more»

Foldable lightweight Electric Stretcher

Portable electric-stretcher

The Portable electric-stretcher for solving multiple purposes, with the possibility of transporting only needs a One Person. With its standardized platform, Portable electric-Stretcher is ideal for use in virtually any situation and provides the functionality needed for trauma situations with the mobility required for transporting in the military field conditions. Able to deploy quickly and efficiently on the battlefieldread more»



Artificial Eye

Artificial Eye Gaze in the shape of the natural form of the human eye. This development will solve the problem for blind people and will make a new step in scienceread more»


Robots exercise workout - for people with disabilities

model developed of robots simulators for mobility training


The model developed of robots simulators for mobility training.  The robot intelligently adapts its behavior to the patient's individual capabilities. Virtual training environment can increase patients' motivation and engagement to intensive rehabilitation.

These of robots focuses on testing new concepts and developing novel approaches to gait rehabilitation based on principles of motor learning and locomotors adaptability in order to improve functional mobility in people with neurological injuries. Customized control of robotic gait trainer allows us to develop new strategies for gait training for people with spinal cord injuryread more»