Foldable lightweight Electric Stretcher

Foldable lightweight Electric Stretcher


Medical equipments, like a first aid kit and stretcher, are of utmost importance in case of a medical emergency. The stretcher has been shaped like a backpack and can be easily carried on the shoulders. Such a design requires less time and manpower as well, it's easy installation won’t consume much time. The Portable electric-Stretcher with an easy usability quotient is worth applause.  It will make more independent by subtracting the need of more people. When the disaster happens in difficult terrain, it can be really difficult for rescue team to carry the victims to a safe place.




Foldable lightweight Electric Stretcher


-Transportation of a wounded by one a medical orderly without big physical activities.

- Easy transportation and storage.

- Lightweight folding stretcher that folds into four segments.

- Only 62cm when folded, it is short enough to fit comfortably on your back.

- Weights only 6.8kg, including the battery.

- It opens fast and easily (within 6 seconds).

- Possibility of using as a trolley to transport of cargo.

- Small folded volume and light weight means more beds can be stowed in tight places. That's  important in evacuation carriers such as helicopters, where space and weight is at a premium.

- All the characteristics make it ideal battlefield stretcher, also make it perfect for a wide range of civilian rescue and evacuation operations.