The tail gas analyzer in water  - continuously accumulates and measures the chemical concentrations the process gas in the stream of water circulating. Using the sensors of system provides extremely fast, accurate response for tight process control. 

Block of various types of sensors for any measurement configuration. The Sensor Board can read up to 16 gases; it also has a high-end sensor: temperature, humidity and pressure. Possible to make a variety of sensor configurations.


economy water

Invention Spring concerns to devices is economy of water. It is used for watering plants in hotbeds and on the fields, and also in private gardens and parks. The technical result from use of the invention consists in economical use of water on precomputations within the limits of up to 30 percent. At watering the plants by means of the given invention you can enrich the soil. Water is late in the top layer of ground due to efficiency of dissolution of air in water. Under this condition, the additional nutrition for plant roots is given.

The results of using the invention are water savings, financial savings, plant growth acceleration, as well as small dimensions and low price.


System automatic water shut-off.

The system automatic water shut-off valve  will provide your home with round-the-clock indoors flood protection. The automatic shut-off valve installed on the main water line near the existing manual shut-off valve. When leaking water comes in contact with the sensor, causing the valve to close. Water flow is quickly cut off to all areas of the home and any continuous flooding is stopped. The system is ideal protection for vacation homes.