Border Control Systems - SYSTEM AL

One of the new developments of ALYaR robotic Ltd. is the construction of the panoramic video surveillance AL system. This is the highly-technological contemporary complex, in production of which adapt the newest computer developments. The uniqueness of system consists of the possible economical operation of both the military and in civilian industry. Because one operator performs multifunctional operations without the use of additional sources, are opened great opportunities for obtaining and transmission of information. The panoramic system of surveillance AL permits implementation of monitoring for any angle of the survey at any time of day. AL provides a suite of unique products for securing enterprises and critical infrastructures, with a specific focus on detection, analysis and response to advanced and targeted threats and analyze information in greater depth and context over time and space and provide advanced detection, real-time forensics and response capabilities, while enabling minimum time for mitigation, remediation and responding to advanced.

AL provides real- time forensics for fast investigation and analysis of threats and incidents and a set of response actions that assist in remediating the threats quickly and effectively. It allows detection of network anomalies, caused by malware, insider threats, remote connections, system malfunctions and operational bugs and assists the network operators to assure operational continuity.  System AL provides Intelligent Security Systems with a wide range of technologies and products. The system is designed and optimized to meet customer requirements through integration of various security systems that operate effectively and efficiently to achieve a high level of security.

  • Provides rapid response;
  • Enhances force protection capabilities;
  • Minimizes manpower requirements;
  • Reduces potential threats.

A wide-range cameras capability dramatically enhances the performance and effectiveness. Surveillance system AL consists of a low light, high resolution camera and a thermal camera which are selective for surveillance and provides automated detection for unidentified objects.



Compact laboratory AL-40


Compact laboratory AL-40 is designed for the individual order any type: the scientific, technical, test and searching, or other computer system control and protection system for use in any climates. Compact system can be installed inside of all jeeps. 

Border Control Systems

Police and military AL-41, AL-42.

Auto early warning detection system, fully automated high security and surveillance. Two levels of automated threat detection and confirmation. The world's only multi-view thermal and optical surveillance camera system. Automatically protect areas in complete darkness in all weather conditions. Each terminal has multiple surveillance cameras built inside a single unit for complete long-range panoramic coverage in any direction. For each deployment, the required number of wide contextual view sensors are fitted into each camera unit and directed at the zone areas, to be automatically dual optical and thermal confirmation of each incident. 

 The four cameras for panoramic, one wide contextual view cameras and one PTZ optical/thermal camera for 280° by vertically coverage. Intelligent module for 360° coverage and surveillance monitoring expert - fixed of mounting to observation masts/columns.  


 Border Control Systems

Engineered to meet the demands of practically every possible installation such as port security, perimeter protection, mobile surveillance, maritime, utility security to citywide surveillance. The Modular Imaging System developed for top tier, mobile ready surveillance and highly intelligent design. The PTZ System is available in CCTV and IP Camera supports dual head configurations with a true plug and play operation for modules. These units support Visual and Thermal Infrared Modules to accessories like IR LED Illuminators for an absolute all-in-one solution. The infrared camera has sensors to help pick up moving figures in pitch black and see over long distances. Thermal radiation passes through visual barriers.

Border Control Systems

The PTZ Security Camera System includes support for dual modules for 28x or for 36x optical zoom to offer true day/night performance including WDR and other advanced image enhancements for superior video surveillance. The unit can be operated with a single module and easily upgraded at any time without the need for change in system settings. The second head can provide a dual sensor functionality using a variety of Thermal Infrared Modules or alternatively an IR Illuminator Module. From absolute IR Night Vision to Long range detection with Thermal Infrared the unit is able to provide the world’s highest levels of security and surveillance. High Resolution Thermal Imaging and even HD visual systems (IP versions) are available.

On top of an intelligent modular design, superior image performance with diverse Pan/Tilt/Zoom control options is the PTZ system's truly rugged construction. Rated to IP67 weatherproof standards and MIL standard specifications, the device can handle extremely harsh weather including temperatures to -40 degrees. Furthermore, the solution is including heater and is made from a corrosion resistant material with powder coat finish that is available in alternate colors upon request. Precision accuracy, durability and long life expectancy combine with a modular PTZ imaging system for top tier surveillance and security in nearly any environment. Low voltage DC power input and also enables to easily adapt to all sorts of mobile surveillance applications. 


The Police-Eye it is an evolved and modern license plate reading system, installed on the cars of specialized operational departments or intelligence services, as a support to surveillance and protection, serving as a tireless watchful eye on the road, that can scan up license plates, front and rear, in any light condition. 

Also, due to its unique features in offered as an aid to police, to carry out check-ups and to prevent crime. Police-Eye is equipped with a sophisticated software that enables to capture images in both gray scale and color, with the best automatic selection of acquisition parameters with multiple auto exposure.

Border Control Systems

Professional filming AL-43.


AL-43 system is designed for research activities in natural conditions. It gives real protection from hurricanes, showers, other natural calamities, wild animal attacks. System operator is protected of explosions, fire and smokes. So, taking into account high risk, this system is an ideal solution for safe work in extreme conditions. In the resolution FULL HD video surveillance is carried out. 

Border Control Systems

Military patrol boat AL-44


This model is of a prototype autonomous patrol boat for Homeland Security that could also be used by other agencies such as the Coast Guard and larger police waterway services for port security and protection of high object vessels. The model AL-44 as the patrol boat, comes equipped with six cameras by diameter, 360° real-time, with a continuous panoramic scene of the region which can be easily rotated. A full F.L.I.R scope system with daylight/night camera which also can be rotated independently from the remainder of the boat.

Border Control Systems

Tactical Observation Tower AL-45.


Border security protection is a significant challenge that control over large areas. Despite the significant technological advances, there is still a need for the physical placement of guard towers and observation towers along the area that has to be protected.

Tower viewing AL-45 - specially designed bulletproof the cabin with air conditioning, in conjunction with a system for panoramic surveillance. Intended to monitor and control over objects for many hours. The tower in according to the highest standard to offer utmost protection for those in them. Provides tracing flexibility without any hazard to attendant’s life in the critical situations during the catch actions, in the resolution FULL HD video surveillance is taken away.

A full F.L.I.R scope system with daylight/night camera which also can be rotated independently from the rest.