It is our hope that the wider dissemination of research developments will stimulate more exchanges and collaborations among the research community and contribute to further advancement of this rapidly growing field.

Video Endoscope Inspection Camera

Video Inspection Camera

This Large 4.5"or 6.5" Color LCD Video Inspection Camera uses optoelectronic technology to investigate hard-to-reach areas. This inspection camera helps you to diagnose broken part, weld point and released parts easily to save time and increase productivity. It has many applications including HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, cable routing, automotive / boat / aircraft inspection, etc…read more»

Solar module

solar module kit

Portable folding solar module kit.

This high quality waterproof folding solar kit is designed to provide free power for charging 12V batteries, for example in vehicles and boats (motorhome, caravan, camper, narrow boat, yacht etc.) or any other systems with a 12V battery or battery bank. You can start using the kit in seconds - just connect it to your battery and find a well-lit area for the folding solar panelsread more»



policeman complex

Complex SNAP for the police


We offer a complex SNAP for the police, with wide spectrum VIP of protecting police officers, it video surveillance system with a high quality of gathering and storing information.

The policeman complex SNAP is a system of control designed to be used in gathering evidence audio-video clues during investigations or for the protection and safety police officers in the case of incriminating circumstances while patrollingread more»


Pole Surveillance Camera


Pole Surveillance Camera Bamboo


Bamboo - is an autonomous system of video control, compact and lightweight. The micro chamber suitable for inspection of hard to reach or dangerous areas, even at dark. Bamboo - is great for exploring and viewing of ceilings and narrow slits, video inspection of vehicles, around the corner of the building or any other movable or immovable of the objectread more»


device enables detection

Small-scale device Sly enables detection of any foreign bodies in real time and produce a composite image of the entire underside of the vehicle, which facilitates efficient viewing to detect presence of any potentially dangerous objects, explosives, arms, contrabands etc., that might be hidden under the underside of a vehicleread more»


Signal Torches & Flashlights

Signal Torches & Flashlights


These Models is a small-footprint flashlight with wide-ranging functionality, provide total lighting control. All-conditions meet or exceed minimum standards on water resistance and durability when accidentally droppedread more»


DVR- LCD displays

DVR- LCD displays

All-Weather DVR- LCD displays. We offers a variety of rugged flat panel displays along with DVR systems for industrial applications, military panel PC workstations, and air traffic control. Sizes range from 2.5" to 60" and are available in numerous mounting options. Many of our monitors comply with shock, vibration and EMI military standards and can be customized to include options such as sunlight readability and integrated touch screensread more»





Driver-Eye - Vision System for Vehicle Navigation


Night vision systems become a critical component. The ability to see in nighttime conditions allows military maneuvers and a potential advantage to the forces equipped with this technology. The night vision systems rely on the very low light levels of starlight and night sky illumination to help image the targeted scene and its surroundingsread more»



Folding drone


Folding drone Alveus designed for Military purpose use only. The main advantage of Folding drone Alveus for launch in the forest areas, it is compact, radio-operated mobile systemread more»





surveillance system


This is Omni-directional, small-sized and imperceptible surveillance system Eye for light vehicles. It is specially designed for cars of law enforcement bodies, antiterrorist and VIP-protection, for secret, search and rescue operationsread more»



economy of water


Invention Spring concerns to devices is economy of water. It is used for watering plants in hotbeds and on the fields, and also in private gardens and parksread more»