computer-vision technology

The system Sly is a computer-vision technology based scanning   using high end electro-mechanicals and cameras based assembly to capture static image of the complete underside of any moving vehicle. The visual information captured by the system is synthesized by the system software and subsequently stitched seamlessly in real time to produce a composite image of the entire underside of the vehicle, which facilitates efficient viewing to detect presence of any potentially dangerous objects. Small-sized equipment Sly can be used both permanent installation and for quick deployment. It can be installed near the airport entrances; hotel parking places other private and state institutions.

The system Sly enables real time detection of a moving vehicle at any speed, non-intrusive and interruption-free process for real-time inspections. High-Resolution composite image through scanning cameras provides minute details.

Technology combines an intelligent mix of high speed digital scanning camera, sensors electronics; LED based lighting and   superb quality underside imagery. The intuitive user interface with its host of intelligent features makes inspection process convenient and efficient. The camera unit comprises two cameras for capturing the composite image and optional area-scan auxiliary cameras for capturing videos of the underside and number plates of car. Four cameras encompass 4-5 meters the underside of the car or 170 degrees along of the road and 120 degrees broadwise. The lighting unit is formed of high performance LEDs for powerful and uniform illumination of the underside, enabling high quality capture under all ambient lighting conditions, even complete darkness. To enable efficient energy utilization, the lighting unit is triggered on vehicle detection only. The input from all the cameras and the sensors are input to the Processing Unit through underground concealed cabling. Block Sly is waterproof, impact resistant (if accidentally run over).