Complex SNAP for the police

spectrum systems

Police complex SNAP has a spectrum systems of audio video surveillance, with the proposed use of full control over the quality standards in according to the requirements of the police officer, with the possibility for further study of different situations, as well as use of video as a high quality audio and video evidence from the point of view of the officer. Complex SNAP includes software application for expanding the possibilities of control of the equipment and taking into account all DVRs, located in a police station.

The complex SNAP consists of two basic components - this is sensor controls for different type's tour of duty and the system for collecting and storing audio-video of information:

spectrum systems

1. The computer system of information gathering and control, which is located in the controlling place, i.e. at duty policeman in the police station. The system itself is in Safe the cupboard and fully protected from unwanted intrusions. HDD unit is located in the additional compartment Safe. Computer program performs control of the information received from the video sensors taking into account the date and time for each numbers the police officer. If necessary, there is a possibility viewing audio-video of information when connected to the internal communication system of the police station. Complex SNAP can support any number of DVRs while simultaneously gathering information and charging sensors.




• LCD display 18 "- 22" with HD video resolution

• Metal "safe-wardrobe" with electronic code

• Software protection of the information

• Any amount of memory to gather information, with the possibility of its transfer for storage on a shared server

• inputs USB for gathering of information (in required amount)

• Power supply 110-240V and battery, when emergency mode



spectrum systems
spectrum systems

2. Video sensor for police is one of the smallest DVR that allows you to record audio and video recording in the automatic mode. Video sensor is fixed on the breast pocket, police uniforms, without creating any discomfort. Each type of sensors equipped with a 6 or 12 infrared, which allow you to record video in complete darkness (depending on the sensor type). The sensor has only one button, which allows you to easily start and stop recording, as well as the led indicator for the convenience of control work. Light from the Led indicator is almost imperceptible on side the object being photographed. Casing the video sensors is made out of adapting high-strength engineering plastics, waterproof, dust resistant and impact resistant designs. Has the protection of information, as well as built-in lithium-ion battery, the duration of work that lasts for the duration of 7 to 10 hours of continuous recording from one charge.


 • 25 frames per second for video resolution of 640x480 (possibly HD)

• Camera 2.0 megapixels / low lighting
• High speed recording and automatic reaction when the light changes
• Operation in one-touch has enabled begin recording with LED indicator to control
• Waterproof Protective Case
• Built-in 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries
• Support for advanced settings and code to assign each officer
• Time / Date Stamp
• Battery charger, USB cable to connect where necessary additional charging.




  •  Angle: 60 degree
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1Lux
  • Operating temperature: -10C ~ 50C
  • Opportunity SD: up to 32 GB Micro SD card supported
  • Dimensions: 45 * 55 * 15 mm (approx)