Robot NursyBoy

Robots in medicine

Robot NursyBoy intended to prevent or reduce medical errors by the patient. This robot is not just beeps when need to take medicines, but also delivers an additional notification to the patient on ad hoc bracelet on the arm. This allows the patient to know when need to take the necessary dose of medication, if the pills are still in the compartment, the device shows that the drug was not taken, and recalls that the reception was done. Patients will not be able to skip taking medications because this device is designed in such a way that will emit a loud noise and rattling on hand as long as the drugs will not be accepted. When an emergency occurs the robot will automatically connect by means of video voice communication with the medical center or family finding and viewing the patient (communication Wi-Fi or telephone). After receiving medicines on the LCD touch monitor is displaying the special directions of how it looks like and how it is necessary to take it - for example, before or after a meal, or diluted in water.


Advantage of the Robot NursyBoy:


• Helps to organize and facilitate the monitoring when medicines are taken.

• Helps to avoid mistakes when taking medicines.

• Ability to monitor the patient, even when you are abroad.

• Realization of communications with the patient does not require much effort from him.

• Ability to inform the trustee in the case of deviations in the course of treatment.

• Call the trustee or nurses pressing just one button.

• Has built-in video voice contact.

• Has 4 or 6 large compartments for different kinds of pills.

• Powered from the mains (110-220 v) and the battery pack (12 v).