Transformer tent

Transformer tent

The tent transformer, automatic folding strengthened is intended for placement of 6 people of staff of rescue divisions at emergence of emergency situations or for the protection of a group of the military personnel at all times years from adverse conditions of environment at placement in field conditions. Feature of tent is the bunk beds established by together as part of the housing, forming the massive basis that gives it stiffness and stability.


Another feature that distinguishes the tent transformer from other types of tents is its compactness and weight in folded form, easy and quick installation and dismantling tents. The absence, any additional tension cables and fastening at installation. For installation and dismantling of tents 1-2 persons in required.

Transformer tent

The tent is packed for conveying in jacket, which is part of the sheathing.

Sheathing carrying case of tent is made of water-repellent tarpaulin with windows in the four directions and with one entry/exit.

The housing base of the tent used by aluminum and steel elements and profiles, as well as the frame with spring-rhombic rod increased the strength and stability.


Three two-story beds (six sleeping) can be exploited with mattresses of any model or without them.

Transformer tent


Overall dimensions:

   Size of tent in folded form (conveying in jacket) - 3000x400 mm.

   Size of tent in unfolded form of - 3500x3500 mm.

   Tent height of - 3000 mm.

   The weight of the tent is 68 kg

   Sizes of a bed of - 2000х750 mm.

   Maximum weight for use the beds:

          • upper bed 90 kg.

          • bottom  bed 140 kg.

Transformer tent


Possible additions for improving comforts of residing in a tent and her installation.

1. The electric three-wheeled trolley for transportation to five tents one person.

2. Electro extract for air circulation, with possibility of installation in the basis of the central pillar in the base of the housing (the removable battery).

3. LED night lighting in three directions (the removable battery).

4. Mini-conditioner installation on external part of the central pillar in the base of the housing (external electrical connection is required).

5. Additional layer of heat insulation of tarpaulin, for use during the winter period.

6. Covering of a roof of tent sun reflective fabric.

7. For each bed personal duffel bag with graduations.

8. Ladder for convenience of lifting on the second tier.

9. The heating device with possibility of use of the central pillar in the base of the housing for circulation of hot air and an extract.



Transformer tent

Folding Adult-Sized Bunk beds


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