sensors set for night surveillance

The tactical camera kit is a versatile, compact camera system for indoor, outdoor, and onboard surveillance applications. Its discreet appearance and ability to be rapidly deployed make it ideal for covert surveillance. The entire system fits neatly in a rugged case for easy transport and deployment.

Four ultra-small visual sensors set Quattro with backlight for night surveillance. Designed for installed in any possible place, or throwing into the heavy-going places. Observation range 200-250 m. There are three different types of sensors:

  •   for observation from above special launching device is used, air-droppable
  • for fixing on birds and other animals
  • for throwing with special device into the heavy-going places. Constant turnaround of 360 degrees mode is possible.

All types of sensors are waterproof and impact-resistant. Wireless transmission of video signal is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.  Working time up to 3 hours. The sensor works from standard type battery (3.0v 123A), that establish before starting work. 

Dog’s reconnaissance

Detection dogs are usually trained to detect drugs or weapons and improvised explosive devices, provide security during a patrol. Sensor mounted on the dog allows: see, hear, take pictures and video recorder in a radius of 360 degrees. The dog and sensor actions are controlled remotely through sophisticated technology; commands are issued by way of a radio transmitter. The dogs follow the orders of their military masters.