Underwater Robot

Underwater Robot Anemon.


Covert Surveillance and Retrieval - Covertly fitting monitoring equipment to underwater communications arrays and subsequent recovery.


Currently, it is common the use of manned underwater robotics systems to accomplish missions as sea bottom and pipeline survey, cable maintenance, o-shore structures’ monitoring and maintenance, collect/release of biological surveys. The strong limit of the use of manned vehicles is the enormous cost and risk in working in such an hostile environment. The aim of the robot is to progressively make it possible to perform such missions in a completely autonomous way.

This objective is challenging from the technological as well as from the theoretical aspects since it implies a wide range of technical and research topics. Sending an autonomous vehicle in an unknown and unstructured environment, with limited on-line communication, requires some on board intelligence and the ability of the vehicle to react in a reliable way to unexpected situations.


Underwater Robot

The robot also equipped devices, electronic components and other software for the surveillance, reconnaissance operation. Optional accessory kits shipped separately for field installation. Its compact design also allows the vehicle to fit in small access locations.

Underwater Robot

The new robot is of particular interest to military officials, who would like to use it for a range of underwater operations, including detecting smuggled weapons or drugs, or finding stress fractures in the hulls of ships and other vessels. 

An advantage of the underwater robot, it is able to rotate around themselves in right and to left, while scanning the hull. The  could also be used to speed up the processing and routing of regular maritime traffic.