Robot to move through wire rope

Robot Lug to move through wire rope


The robot of this type has a very important role in video surveillance applications and can provide images with lots of details and with wider coverage, which are more useful. Security monitoring system IP-Surveillance of the robot will help to ensure safety of people and their property at the airports, and also remote supervision over the equipment and production facilities.

The camera of the robot provides instantaneous aiming on the subject and can produce an increase image of the object which was in the center, a single click. Respectively, overlooking the overall picture, the employee of security service can approach any zone where the suspicious behavior is observed. The guidance system allows the lens in this robot, instantly changes the angle of view and when approaching of the object retains its excellent image quality with high resolution. Instant increase the object - doesn't reduce the quality of the image, the contours of the pictures don't become blurred.

The video server of the robot allows carrying out easily to integration video signal, you can take all advantage of the digital video system technology.

The video server transmits the digital images directly by IP-based networks such as LAN or Wi-Fi. He turns a video system into system of network video and allows the user to look through the image in real time by means of the web browser and software video management from the local or remote network computer. In addition, using a serial port on the video server, you can provide connection and management of earlier installed devices, such as cameras with operating panning, an inclination and a zoom or the video recorder with record function. Also, various specialized cameras possessing expanded functions of the video analysis, including detection of movement and providing the alarm system at unauthorized actions.


Surveillance robot for flexible and expeditious action.

Robot to move through wire rope

Special robot developed for characterizing executions with high operating efficiency. It can be used for the detection in a variety of hazardous environments. The main application areas are: public security, armed police’s anti-terrorism, reconnaissance, and explosives disposal missions, Military Campaigns as well as the handling and transportation missions in dangerous environments, such as the nuclear industry and the chemical industry.

It is a robot that climbs along a rope and therefore can move across the space through the rope. This robot needs only a DC motor for the climbing operation. The advantages of the proposed robot are low energy consumption, low cost, easy to control and build. This research is focused on the mechanical design and implementation of the robot. During the development stage, this proposed a robot design was tested, had been used in a rope climbing competition for a robotic competition. The result of the tested was very successful and proved that the robot design is applicable.


Border Security


Highly sophisticated border security system is a multi-layer border control and management system deploying special border surveillance posts. These autonomous robots include observation systems mounted on the dividing fence, placed in strategic locations along the border.  Each post is a self-sufficient unit, facilitating power, communication and security processing. This configuration enables deployment by stages, each as an independent component.

The system is fully remote-controlled via a central control room. All data from the border surveillance posts is routed to the central control room via wireless, or other communication infrastructures, where it is processed and displayed. The system can have numerous control rooms, deployed hierarchically, from regional.

Based on powerful surveillance and management software, the system enables the user to keep an eye on the "big picture" while conducting border control tasks with less manpower, at real time intervals. This improves the reaction time of law enforcement authorities to prevent border violations and to increase public safety.


Ø  The core of this system includes:

  •   High quality long-range day cameras with night observation systems
  •   Big viewing angle surveillance and detection
  •   Wide-band wireless communication modules for each border surveillance post
  •   Mobile surveillance vehicles and small UAVs for coverage of areas
  •   Personal sensors for night vision
  •   Digital control center facilitating border surveillance and management software, large LCD displays,    digital maps and high-tech control consoles for the operators