surveillance mini robot

 Tiny Military Surveillance Robot Boomerang.


This is the most versatile, robust, stealthy and easy-to-deploy tactical robot system, Audio & Video Remote Controlled, throw mini robot surveillance and begin its own investigation.

Inherently water and dust resistant, the robot weighs just 900 g. and can be thrown up to 70 m. It is also exceptionally quiet and is equipped with an infrared optical system that activates automatically when the ambient light is low, enabling the operator to see in complete darkness.

Once deployed, the micro-robot can be directed by the operator to quietly move through a structure and transmit video and audio to the handheld Operator Control Unit. These stealth capabilities can be utilized to locate armed subjects, confirm the presence of hostages or innocent civilians, listen in on conversations, and reveal the layout of rooms – information that can save lives and increase the success of high-risk operations.


Two-wheeled surveillance mini robot Boomerang is can be used for throwing into the closed spaces and moving on smooth surface. It has two engines and one night vision camera. 2.4 GHz communication video signal. The antenna use 5-in-1 feature allows for a quick handling in places where other solutions fail to implement and eliminates the need for the extensive work involved. This avoiding drop, data transmission higher speed data, higher gain and does assure smooth performance. Each wheel works in standalone mode, so robot can capture video 360 degrees, go downstairs on the steps and regain its previous position after falling down. It can see in the dark, listen to the surrounding environment and send back critical intel to your handheld controller

·      The case is impact resistant and waterproof

·      Working time to 2-3.5 h (depends on the mode of operation)

·      Video broadcasting – 300 m on open surface, 150 m in closed space


·      The aerials visual is hidden