Magnetic Surveillance Robot

Magnetic Surveillance Robot.


The mobile robotic inspection vehicle is compact, waterproof and magnetic. It can be rapidly deployed in many applications, by climbing a range of existing street furniture such as street lamp post. Street lamps in the Metropolitan area are constructed out of steel structures which make the use of magnetic wheels for locomotion an ideal solution to the climbing problem. A surveillance tool of this sort can be used for many applications which include crowd/riot control, crime scene investigations, monitoring hostile environments and even the monitoring of nature within urban environments.



The robot visual inspection system has been engineered to deliver vivid color video footage in real-time while travelling almost any direction on ferrous metal surfaces. This unique remotely operated device is steerable on vertical, horizontal and inverted plains even when piloted underwater.




Magnetic Surveillance Robot

The standard panoramic camera that boasts high intensity LED lights, provide bright auxiliary lighting when required. As with all remote visual tools, Operators will appreciate the portable controller, intuitive software interface.