The robot can be a valuable tool for police in dangerous situations and can provide police a huge tactical advantage.

Robot-shield which is armored miniature with remote/manual control is made to protect first responders, the supports SWAT teams and other first responders safe while approaching buildings during potentially dangerous standoffs or confronting armed suspects. It also can shield police and the public from explosive devicesread more »

Demining robot for anti-personnel mines.

The remote-controlled, tracked mine clearance system designed for the destruction of anti-personnel mines and to keep ground forces safe. Using line of sight remote control, soldiers remain a safe distance away from any potential detonations and tripwires. Operators can control from a maximum distance of to 1000 meters (3,280 ft). 

The remote-controlled mini track-driven is capable of triggering mines using a trawl attachment detonating any hazards in its path. An included blast shield on the trawl attachment helps protect the operator from flying shrapnel. Its trawl body is completely steel-plated and features an undercarriage, designed to deflect the force of explosions out. The mechanical systems are easy for field mechanics to access and also other attachments are available.

Military transportation robot

Military transportation robot


Military transportation robot can increase the efficiency of logistics as well as aid soldiers in movement. There are a lot of things to move  weapons, ammunition and different supplies have to be moved to the point of action and also have to be picked up from the battlefield (transportation of a cargo up to 150 kg).read more »

Unmanned Intelligent Surveillance Robot.


The intelligent surveillance robot is an innovative, unmanned dual axis robot with a wide range of applications. Its most unique feature is the use of acoustics and phonetics to establish enemy presence in military applications. In addition, the robot can be operated by remote control. The surveillance robot is very versatile and can be used in diverse situations, such as urban cityscapes, prisons and border posts. Dual control is the most robust and reliable solution…read more»

Search and rescue robot

Search and rescue robot


Radio-operated robot for inspection and intervention – is used for operations in urban terrain. It is a robot designed primarily for work related to explosive ordinance disposal. Due to its construction, the robot can also be used for inspection of various types of work in dangerous or risky areas as well as for anti-terrorist activities and reconnaissance.

Track drive system enhances traction and allows working both in difficult terrain and inside buildings, where it performs activities such as climbing stairs regardless of lighting and atmospheric conditions. Considerable pulling force of the robot allows it to tow or push. The two manipulators of the robot are designed to lift objects weighing up to 20 and 40 kg. The robot control system enables simultaneous control of all its drives, and the program which automatically folds manipulators to transport position makes it faster and easier to prepare for work or transport.

The mobile robot is designed to work with a variety of accessories, which include:

a destroyer, shotgun, explosives trace detector, chemical contamination sensor, for remote detonation of explosives…read more» 

Fire Fighting robot

Fire Fighting robot


This robot is also remote controlled it can endure high temperatures as well as extinguish fire using either water or foam. It is equipped with a water system so it can carry a water hose up to 100 meters long and extinguish fire independently as well as large remote controlled fire extinguishers. Have a water tank with 40 liters capacity and a foam tank with 10 liters capacity. The water guns are quite powerful can also shoot water 7 meters away and foam 5 meters away…read more »

Robotic platform

Robotic platform Advanced Armed guns


The remotely controlled Stayer is based on a modular framework that facilitates the addition of new accessories and attachments as they become available. The key to this system is a turret system supporting a drop-in manipulator arm, multiple types of weapons and a wide range of sensor plus up to 8 cameras with multi-modal capabilities. The robot can be controlled over a distance of 2 km from the operator and is designed to tackle all terrains including stairs and it can use wheels rather than tracks to increase speed and reduce noise. The robot incorporates “fire” and “no fire” zones into its battlefield map, and is unable to target allied military posts or its own control unit. It also features significant improvements in maneuverability, mobility, lethality and safety.

 The list of sensors than can be equipped with a robot is almost endless and only restricted by one's imagination. Optical sensors such as video cameras include still digital, television (teleoptical), omnidirectional, infrared (IR) and night-vision cameras and are usually mounted per platform in order to provide the operator multiple views.

Others sensors which  include sonar, metal detectors, tactile, chemical, biological, radiation, explosive, lasers, radiometers, pressure, depth, GPS, INS, radar, angle-of-attack, mapping, motion detection, and thermometers. Communication links cover the entire gambit from simple radios to broadband data burst systems.

Used SOURCE of ENERGY (battery), technology is an electrochemical devices that convert a fuel's energy directly into electrical energy, which is an endless (never need recharging) source of energy.