One of the very strategic and tactical advantages is the Armored Robot-shield.  The rugged wide rubber tracks, armor shield reinforcement fabrication, all these qualities are provided the wall for to 3-6 fully-dressed officers. Robot-shield equipped with locking gun port, bullet proof glass sight ports, and video cameras attached in the front of the platform with video feed to the equipment operator.  Is the first robotic device that's designed specifically for ballistic shield purposes, its mission is life-saving of police officers.

Police use armored Robot as shields to get close when hostages are being held or a suspect is barricaded inside a structure, robot with remote-controlled is useful as a safe way to approach a barricaded person. Is also to close the wounded and when using stretcher, as a unit built in the robot, take out from the danger area.

The robot also can use in law enforcement to locate and defuse explosive devices, camera-equipped robots are used for surveillance and capable of operating in complete darkness. Police can use robots as arms of visual pressure to lift police shields in front of the windows of houses and to shield officers from gunshots fired from inside the home. When law enforcement officers are called to any emergency situation – they are prepared for the worst case scenario. Whether dealing with a hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, riot scene having the right defensive equipment is critical.