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Mini-robot  Eye-Mole  for tunnels.

ALYaR robotic Ltd.

custom-made robots

Our company ALYaR robotic Ltd. specializes in the custom-made robots and electronic devices for surveillance, target video recognition and research activities. Develops and manufactures optical intelligence-gathering systems, which serve and protect defense law enforcement, and security professionals. The company also provides an Omni-directional reconnaissance system for light vehicles engaged in law enforcement, anti-terror, VIP protection, undercover and search rescue operations, customized special-order products for Special Forces. We offer observation systems for manned and unmanned platforms, unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance systems for special military operations with automatic video motion detection and image recognition capabilities. The company performs custom made systems, such as various phases of characterization, design, development, manufacture, and implementation, which include mobile compact security systems and surveillance devices.

We are a team of highly skilled group of people, who are constantly striving to provide our clients the best solutions and help to realize any of the projects. Our services cater to all your requirements, which are made possible by our team of highly experienced engineers and designers. We can assure you that you will be delivered nothing but the best in terms of support when it comes to our services.

We have a lot of robots for defense industry presented on our site and also our pride – monitoring systems, control and defense systems, such as AL-41, AL-42, AL-43, AL-44, AL-45.

Civil development AL-40 specializes in systems for research work, test or recognition systems of video observation and shooting of separate objects or animals. It is possible to use AL-40 as individual mini-laboratory with an option for installation and use of any of your devicesread more»

military robots
military robots

Our company ALYaR robotic Ltd. provides the client with a variety of ordering options with which examples you can familiarize on our website. This makes it possible to take a direction of your imagination and to embody it on acting robot. You will be taking part in the developing process, founding and realizing new additions. We are ready to help carry out your dreams and to make a reality all that seemed impossible. If you have already started independent work, we are ready to give the necessary information and to lead your project to the successful end.




Our the new fire-fighting system employs technology developed specifically as Fire-Robotic, which is intended to fight fires more efficiently and save the lives of firefighters. It should become standard operating procedure for each fire department, to have some sort of robotic solution…read more»